Treats Truck on NYCTV, Reveals Gluten Free & Kosher For Passover Surprise

It’s easy to forget about the TONY Eat Out Awards when you’re being featured on NYC TV!  Besides showing off all of the amazing treats they have to offer, the owner Kim reveals that the Treats Truck peanut butter sandwich cookie is actually gluten free.  This is amazing news for anybody who has celiac disease, an allergy to a certain gluten protein found in anything made with wheat.   She also told me today that not only does she plan on introducing more gluten free treats very soon, but she will also have flourless treats, for Passover, starting on Friday.  The Treats Truck will be on 38th & 5th tomorrow (Thursday) from Noon to 4pm.  For more details go to or call 212-691-5226.


  • Awesome. Hooray for the Treats Truck Lady!

  • As a celiac, I think the Treats Truck lady is fabulous . . . . .

  • Good for Kim! You know, when i go to the Treats Truck, i’ve come to expect a kind of zen calmness thanks to her kind and soothing manner. Had i gone on the day that reporter was there, it definitely would have harshed my mellow. She was a little obnoxious.

  • WOAH!!! I had no idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also can’t eat gluten/wheat. I wish I had read this entry earlier! phenomenal! thanks again Zach!

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