BREAKING NEWS: Hallo Berlin To Add 3rd Manhattan Oupost

Big news hit the Midtown Lunch Inbox this morning, courtesy of Lunch’er Emily who forwarded along this photo, taken on 9th Ave. (btw. 50+51st), of the window of what I believe used to be Keni Pizza.  Apparently Hallo Berlin will be adding H.B. Express to their empire, which currently includes a beer garden on 10th Ave. (btw. 44+45th), and of course the famous cart on 54th & 5th (which won Best Cart in our Midtown Lunch readers poll earlier in the Month).

A call to the number on the sign yielded no extra information, just a voicemail message from (what could only be) Wolfgang or Rolf, urging you to leave a message or send a fax.  One can only assume that it will be similar to the take out counter they have at the front of the beer garden on 10th Ave.

Strangely enough, the Hallo Berlin Cart wasn’t in its regular spot on 53rd 54th & 5th today, just after Noon.  I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one…


  • Awesome! That’s about two blocks from my office! :)

  • Imagine it….a pint of stella with a joe stalin……we could turn sarah into a offal muncher again.

    Best Dog stand in nyc.

    Ok OK it’s the only one i know.

  • Ich bin ein Berliner!

  • Not sure if its a typo or if you checked the wrong street, but I don’t see any reason why it’d be on 53rd & 5th.

  • That was a typo. I went to 54th & 5th.

  • Didn’t they used to have a second outpost at almost that exact same location?

    I seem to remember hearing about there once being two separate Hallo Berlin restaurants. I’m glad to hear that they’re opening up closer to me, regardless.

    This is great news.

  • Yes. There was a Hallo Berlin Restaurant on the S.W. side of 51st Street and Ninth Ave. a few years back, but Rolf closed it to focus on the 44th and 10th Ave. spot and his famous cart. But the return of a third location is something to truly rejoice over (too bad my office is no longer in striking distance). Enjoy it for me!

  • I used to be a regular at the old 51st and 9th Ave location, munching the amazing currywurst and practicing my German with Dirk during the slow lunch hours. I worked around the corner. I’m glad they’re opening up a 3rd location again, I was very bummed that they closed the 51st St location — which was the original one as far as I knew. I work closer to the 44th Street location these days, which is still a hike for me. I have to stop in one night.

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