At Lunch Now: The Rock Center Concourse is trying to kill me…

The walkway beneath Rockefeller Center is quickly becoming a minefield
for fat people trying to be good. Making it past the smell of the newly
opened Cinnabon is not the only thing you’ll have to contend with now
that Mrs Fields cookies is occupying what used to be the salad bar of
the Liberty Deli. Sure it’s a chain, and we have the Treats Truck- but
there is a soft spot in my heart for a bag of their warm mini chocolate
chip cookies. (They’re all small, so they must be better for you than
full size cookies!)

Sweet Jesus, why must there be temptations everywhere I go?


  • So warm, so sweet
    Hey wait, I can’t see my feet.
    Damn the ice cold milk.
    Damn the ice cold milk.

  • I love this post! This site is the best.

  • dude, i hear you re: the cinnabon. i’ve always been glad that my only temptation to indulge came when i was on a rare trip to the ‘burbs or stuck at the minneapolis airport. now i have to take in the intoxicating scent of cinnamon melded with cream cheese frosting every day as i depart the subway? i gave in to temptation for the first time this a.m., and i must say, it was well worth the 3 days worth of calories.

  • as a person who used to work there, i suggest to everyone eating at those places to check them out first at to see if they have been slapped with any health code violations. one thing i saw there was plenty of mice and roaches to close down every tenant down there. inspectors shut down cosi last year….they can do it again

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