Absolut New Orleans Arrives in Midtown, while Jacques Imo’s Says it’s Last Goodbyes

I know a lot of the people who read the blog are big fans of New Orleans, so here are two tidbits that may be of interest to you…

Eater reported yesterday that the UWS location of Jacques Imo‘s, the ”offshoot” of the incredibly popular New Orleans restaurant with the same name, will be closing on October 21st.  The Grand Central based Jacques Imo‘s to Geuax was turned into a Brother Jimmy’s last year. 

I put offshoot in quotes, because sadly, the Jacques Imo’s here in NYC didn’t really bear any resemblance to the New Orleans location that I have come to know and love.  They did however, do a pretty good job on Jack’s signature fried chicken recipe.  You’ve got two more weeks to check it out.

In other New Orleans news, Absolut New Orleans, a limited edition Mango & Black Pepper version of the popular Swedish Vodka is available at a liquor store in Midtown.  One of my co-workers tracked it down (after unsuccessfully trying to find some in Astoria).  They had about a case left as of yesterday.   Beekman’s Liquors is on Lexington btw. 47th & 48th, 212-759-5857.  100% of the profits from these Limited Edition bottles will go to various Gulf Region charities.


  • Absolut N.O. may be available.. but is it any good? Anyone had it?

  • Jacques Imo’s might have made more money if they opened for lunch. Isabella’s, across the street, is absolutely packed on weekdays during lunch hour.

    Pity me, I work on the UWS were cheap eats and street food are non existent.

  • what do mango & black pepper have to do with NO?

  • I don’t know how it tastes, but I just ran out and bought it as a gift. From the photo, it looked to me like the harmonica was inside the bottle (like a ship in a bottle), but I was disappointed to see it’s just a picture on the outside of the bottle.

  • That’s really unfortunate, because Jacques-Imo’s UWS really did do some things quite well, including getting P&J oysters. The Katrina-transplant waitstaff they picked up was good, too.

    And it was a lot less crowded than the original (which can be great but can be inconsistent).

  • Prefer Smirnoff Black Label.

    Reminds me!! its friday night!!

    Enjoy ya weekend colonials :)

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