At Lunch Yesterday: McDonald’s Angus Burger Edition


  Yesterday two of my life philosophies came into direct contradiction. 

    1. Never eat at McDonald’s (implemented immediately after reading “Fast Food Nation“)
    2. Never turn down free food (implemented at birth, encoded in my DNA)

I was offered a chance to try the new Angus Burger, which was just introduced here in NYC at the two McDonald’s locations in Times Sq.  The last time I ate food from McDonald’s was 3 1/2 years ago, when unemployed in L.A. I took $40 to participate in a McDonalds Focus Group (before reading FFN, obviously).  I figure, if I can try their weirdo test hamburgers, I can deal with an Angus Burger, right? 

Not so much.  There’s no denying fast food like this tastes good…  it’s engineered that way!  But, it’s funny how easily my stomach of steel crumpled at the introduction of a burger from McDonalds.  Although in fairness to the Golden Arches, I have always held the belief that the more you eat something, the more your stomach becomes accustomed to it.  After 3+ years of no McDonalds, my stomach was clearly not ready for the Angus Burger onslaught.

An hour later, not feeling altogether right, my mouth was watering the same strange way it did 3 1/2 years ago during that Focus Group.  I mentioned how much I didn’t like it on my comment card.  I guess they didn’t listen.

The food at McDonald’s always tastes good going down, and I figured this would be a great excuse to break my rule #1, and give McDonalds a chance to redeem themselves.  Unfortunately, one Angus Burger and 30 minutes with Mickey D’s version of Aaron Eckhart in “Thank You For Not Smoking”, didn’t do the trick.  Hopefully the next time I’m offered free McDonald’s, I will remember Rule #1.  Of course it would help if they stopped advertising that amazing looking snack wrap!

If you are into McDonald’s, than True People’s Champion Adam Kuban from A Hamburger Today should be your new hero (he is definitely mine).  Check out his comparison of the Angus Burger to the rest of their line-up…


  • Ive not eaten @ maccy D’s since i saw Morgan Spurlock doing a psycodelic yodel out of his car window after eating a ‘supersized’ quater pounder meal in his Documentary Supersize me.

  • Hamburgers will kill you no matter where you eat them. That is even if you like the taste a 1/2 hour later your stomach cannot deal with that heavy meat. We had hamburgers last night made on our home grill and I almost killed my husband. Still complaining this morning. Meat is the killer!!!!

  • “Thank You for Not Smoking” sucked.

  • People, the name of the movie and book is “Thank You for Smoking”.


    Thanks.  Lord help me, I’m not that bright.  -zach

  • Yeah, that one sucked too.

  • On roadtrips and connecting flights (hello Chicago!) sometimes Mcdonalds is one of only few choices, so I like to ‘indulge on death’ every 3-4 years.

  • Not a huge McD’s fan but every once in a while its good to check and see what they are doing to make sure that all the real burger places are not pulling a fast one on you. McD’s is the enemy and we must understand the enemy.

  • I’m with Rudy. That shit was nasty.

  • I tried this because it said Agnus beef, so it should be decent. First thing is that Its pretty darn huge for a McD burger. I did not find it to be all that special. It was like a larger, juicey, maybe slightly tastier version of their Big & Tastey. I get mine with no Mayo or Cheese. On the other hand I did try their Chipotle BBQ wrap, considering I do not like chicken(I try it now and they hoping I beging to love it). I enjoyed it a hell of a lot more than that Burger.

  • I laughed out loud reading this. Fucking hilarious.
    And Fuck McDonalds, too.

    There, 2 “Fucks” in just one short comment. Ha!

  • “meat is the killer!”

  • It never ceases to amaze me, the so called experts on food and whats good for me. yet people still love the place and they make millions. stop being so nose up in the air and take it for what it is Mc Donalds not Ruth Chris which by the way I would guess most of there patrons have never been to grab a burger and go and let it go they do a great job at what THEY do. you try it

  • lmao Thank you for Smoking did suck! I bet the dude that wrote this is happy that’s all people got out of the whole article. haha

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