Best Use of Midtown Lunch in an Ad…

Thanks to Midtown Lunch’er DDR for letting us know about this ad that appeared in AMNY on Tuesday:

That’s awesome.  I’ve never been quoted before.  I feel Roger Ebert  (he’s the fat one right?).  Although I’m still not sure why they would want to publicize a website where someone posted a comment about the building’s roach problems. 

I noticed something else a little odd about the ad.  That quote doesn’t actually appear anywhere on Midtown Lunch.  Not in my review… or anywhere else.  But, I do think the Curry Dream buffet price is unbeatable… so no harm, no foul.  Thanks for the free publicity Curry Dream!


  • That is very cool. Congratulations!
    Funy how they misquoted you.

  • what does Roger Ebert feel like? pretty soft I’d imagine.

  • HAHA. that is so hilarious!

    You know… one of these days, I’d like to see a picture of u eating the yummy food you always blog about…. you are like the wizard of oz. =)

  • “Pay no attention to the man behind the Kati Roll…”

  • Just went to curry dream out of desperation for something new..

    I didn’t care for it too much although it was not terrible. Perhaps the fat guy eating lunch talking to his co-workers about the iPhone like it’s the second coming made the experience less than spectacular.

    The staff is extremely nice and the mango lassi was very good. I couldn’t understand the other flavors he said but I’m sure they are good too.

    I think West Tandoori Club (forget the address) has better food even though the interior is downright nasty looking.

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